Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today i'm going to be covering a well known youtube series, that a surprising amount of people still haven't heard of, =3. It's a hilarious, long running web show that reviews internet videos and consistently ranks among the top viewed videos on youtube. Link below:

Also, to my followers, I got off a quick post today before i left, but i won't be back in full force for a couple days. Please tell me what you think of this post and I will be back doing my usual thing in a few days(as soon as the next post is up!)
We do not forget!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today I would like to point out an awesome long running web comic, cyanide and happiness!
For those that haven't seen it they can be a bit crude, but these comics are guaranteed to make you laugh, plus they are safe for work! Just don't get caught looking at comics while the manager is around!
Here's another example:
Make sure to check them out at for more!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I also recently found a series called sonic for hire, link is here:

CHECK THIS! Anyone who remembers the old sega game will enjoy this, the episodes are only about a minute long, and are really hilarious. If you are bored and aren't at work *cough* then this is the thing for you!

Charlie Sheen!

Heard of charlie sheen? Like music? Even if you aren't extremely crazy of dubstep you will enjoy this charlie sheen interview remix:
This is great!


This is the glorious pineapple upside down cake. Aside from setting the mood and causing hunger, it is also the perfect start to a new blog. Why an upside down cake you say? Because it is a silly image, a silly phrase, and something delicious. This blog will be dedicated to the hunting and extermination of boredom through absolutely delicious means. That being said, anything that is awesome/entertaining and is above average to be found on the internet will likely be posted here. Keeping checking back for more delicious news!